The Pelayos, the family that beat the gambling club

The truth is more peculiar than fiction… How often have you heard this expression all through your life? Clearly numerous and definitely every time you hear it once more, you become considerably more persuaded that the individual who developed it was more right than a holy person. What’s more, that’s what it is, regardless of the years and the encounters, life never stops amazing us and in the realm of the gambling club, it wouldn’t be less.

There are incalculable stories around the game that appear to have been created by the best film essayists, however not at all like the accounts we see on the big screen, these are valid. On the off chance that in the US the MIT Blackjack group propelled the notable film 21 Blackjack , in our country we are no less and the Pelayos, a family from Madrid, figured out how to beat the gambling club in the most unique manner, the accomplishment being made into a film years after the fact.

We recount to you the genuine story of this finesse family with which it is shown that, as we said toward the start of the post, the truth is in many cases more bizarre than fiction.

Who are the Pelayos

Brought into the world in 1947 in the city of Madrid and with Andalusian starting points, Gonzalo García-Pelayo, who is the name of the top of the family, currently stood apart at 20 years old, ending up an extraordinary business person when he opened a momentous club in Seville in which played music totally different from that of its rivals, being the subjects of James Brown or Aretha Franklin a portion of the ones that sounded.

After this first business experience, numerous others would follow and, well into the seventies, he stood apart as a radio broadcaster on the most developed stations in the nation, in any event, turning into the pioneer behind the now-dead Famous FM.

His idyll with the broad communications didn’t stay just on the wireless transmissions, since he has made various introductions to the seventh craftsmanship coordinating component movies and he additionally has insight on the little screen, where the comic series Pensión el Deck sticks out , the principal broadcast on Waterway Sur, which had among its heroes Los Morancos. This without ignoring his feature as a music maker, being a functioning part in the vocations of craftsmen like José Mercé, Pablo Milanés or María Jiménez.

Yet, assuming he filled pages of papers and titles for something, it was a result of his introduction to club joined by his relatives, including his kids Iván, Vanessa and Óscar, with a strategy on the roulette tables that would make them pocket a lot of cash.

The Pelayo technique

Subsequent to having lost 300,000 pesetas in the organization of his sibling Javier playing blackjack, Gonzalo put his focus on wagering with the firm feeling that no machine could be great, since any of these could rehash a similar mix-up again and again. once, thus, allowing himself to be moved by his thought, he set off to find the mix-up in gambling club roulette wheels.

Both he and his kids went through a long stretch of time gathering data about the famous gambling club game and the numbers that make it up, mechanizing the consequences of thousands of twists utilizing programming made for the event. His doubts were affirmed and on account of the work they had the option to prove that the roulette could likewise have defects, regardless of how imperceptible they may be to the unaided eye, and that these, thusly, affected a numbers to be granted over their chances.

This is the manner by which the strategy was conceived that would later permit them to become famous, yet the opportunity had arrived to incorporate it and to do as such, toward the finish of 1991 they devoted themselves to playing at the Club Gran Madrid.

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