A Look at the King’s Crown Slot Machine

Betsoft has released yet another Dragon-themed slot machine, this time tailored to Canadian gamers, despite the fact that there are already more than 400 such games accessible. The red dragon plays a crucial part in the evolution of Take the Kingdom, contributing to the game’s spectacular visual display. He spends most of his time dormant, curled up in a ball around the 5×5 grid, but on every seventh spin, he awakens to truly ramp up the excitement of this epic fantasy slot game.

The Full Story Behind “Take the Kingdom”

The red dragon guarding the reels of the exciting slot game Take The Kingdom. There are 100 ways to win on Take The Kingdom’s five reels.



For five oak symbols, you’ll receive 0.24 times your wager for the four low-value royal symbols, and 0.48 times your wager for the four medium-value weapon symbols. Five Wild symbols on an active payline will award the same payout as the King symbol does for five premium symbols (Knight in full armor, Princess, and King) appearing on the same line.


The theoretical RTP of The Kingdom is 96.53%, and the game is also quite low in volatility. Due to the low value of the symbols, the maximum payout for a single spin is capped at 280 times the wager, while the maximum payout for the bonus round is 3,640 times the wager. Because of the fair mathematical model and the potential for big swings, the game never loses its interest. In most respects, it provides a first-rate gaming experience.

What are some of Take the Kingdom’s key features?


7 Spins

The game loops every seven spins. During these turns, a dragon’s entrance onto the playing field leaves a wake in its wake. All dragon-marked spots will be active during the seventh spin.


Purchase Option

This feature allows you to purchase 12 spins with a fixed number of wild fireballs, with the number ranging from 6 at 24x your bet to 9 at 70x your bet to 12 at 175x your wager.


Theme, Visual, and Sound Design

A flaming castle stands in the background while a crimson dragon, complete with moving claws and tail, encircles the 5×5 symbol grid. In order to bring this epic battle to desktop and mobile online casinos, the Take the Kingdom slot machine makes use of playing card symbols, medieval weaponry, and a range of character icons, as well as a fantastic soundtrack.


Our Advantages of Taking the Kingdom, a Review Synopsis

You can get up to 12 wild cards when you buy into the feature.

7-spin bonus round with a maximum payout of 3,640x

Extreme high rollers should avoid the low betting range.

Maximum possible victory points are low in the original game.

A List of Frequently Asked Questions About the Kingdom


And just what is this “Take the Kingdom” thing all about?

Betsoft’s Take the Kingdom is a fantasy-themed slot in which you compete with a ferocious red dragon to destroy the reels and win massive rewards.

Take the Kingdom? How do you play it?


Bets on Take the Kingdom can be placed anywhere from 25 cents to $10, and the game is played by clicking the Spin or Autospin buttons.

Return to Player (RTP) for “Take the Kingdom?”


Take the Kingdom has a 96.53% RTP and a moderate amount of volatility.

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